We are

by Kavita

Strength – inner or outer is like energy flow. We can harness it, learn to harness it, or conserve it wisely. However, none of us is born with a well of courage and questions. No one is forever strong or weak.

Ever met a lone guy with an enviable past but a miserable present? Ever been angry at a go-getter, who wants nothing anymore? Ever seen your own hopelessness in someone else’s eyes? Well, then I’m sad to say that you have wronged them.

When we make acquaintances, friends and close relationships, we exchange a part of ourselves with others. It’s important – what we exchange. Because most often we trade skills, talents and personal qualities – It’s easy. What we forget is context and life experience; what we ignore is the journey that made a person; what we keep guarded are the fears – their’s and our’s.

Let’s open up. Let’s hear, learn and understand lives. There will be surprises along the way, because we’ll find out that we are all the same. The difference is in the situations, opportunities and luck. To beat these odds, we need to first acknowledge them, listen to each others’ stories, read through the struggles and hold hands all along.

I wish we lived in more collaborative, self-aware communities – even if it was for a brief period. But I wish, therefore I believe that we can help each other evolve into that tomorrow.