What it Feels Like to Lose Your Mind

by Kavita

I am scared.

A Manic World

Author:Robert Poposki

What it Feels Like to Lose Your Mind 

This title seems a little misleading. Cause, well, I don’t think I’ve ever possessed my mind in order to lose it. That, or, you know, you can’t really lose your mind, man, it’s stuck in your brain, and without it, you’d be dead. 

Nevertheless, I like the expression. And in a way, it actually does make sense. Anyway.

For a “normal” person, your mind is like a red balloon attached to your index finger with a thin, white string. When it gets windy – metaphorical for, when shit goes down in life – the red balloon wobbles around, and it tugs fervently at your finger. The end result is a chaotic balloon (mind), a taut string (a tense body/mind), and an overall loss of control. The balloon is, however, still connected to your person. It’s just being…

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