The company

by Kavita

I have experimented being alone. I have dived deep into the idea of doing things all by myself. I have pledged to find my way, my way. I have failed. I went on an exile to try & find myself. I found myself in him, in her, in this and that. There was no real me; there was no one person that I could nail down to. I was spread everywhere.

It was one of those days when I realized that my happiness & peace rested in inspiring people and getting inspired. It was that day I decided that there was no point in claiming the world alone. Because you aren’t.

I have done things, yes. Thankfully, I am proud of at least a few. None of these milestones were achieved alone and none of those glorious moments belong entirely to me. Image

I am indebted to you; my yes, my no, my go, my ‘keep it up’, my ‘let’s do it’, my ‘alarm’, my ‘come along’, my ‘teach me’, my ‘come over’, my ‘let’s plan’, my ‘wake up’, my ‘sleep off’, my ‘what’s up’, my ‘brilliant’, my motivation, my inspiration, MY COMPANY.