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Month: August, 2007

Lagi aaj saawan ki fir woh jhadi hai

Its pouring hard at this end of the world! Beautiful rains!

For my love for the drizzles, the thing which keeps me moving, for a while though 🙂

I wish i could click some bits but am busy living it !

Misty, the sky around
Misty, the path i found
Misty, the leaves on the tree
Misty, the eyes that fail to see


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Something about rock and music

Carnival of rust – poets of the fall
Sleep – Poets of the fall
Turn the page – Metallica
Behind Blue Eyes – The Who
Ever the same – Rob Thomas
Show must go on – Queen
Hey Oh – Red hot chilli peppers
Breathless – Shankar Mahadevan
Random Carnatic Violin Compositions – MSG

The above songs play almost everyday on my ipod… All relatively old but suddenly have become a way of life!

In other news, i wanted to attend the Linking Park show in Brisbane (not that i am a fan etc but i don’t mind attending it) , its a whooping 100 dollars ticket ….waaaah 😦


Wonderfully written and much better than the movie itself since the movie missed out all the “Chaos Theory” enlightenment etc. The only thing missing which generally happens when i enjoy a book is the air of imagination which was hindered by the fact that all the movie scenes were flashing instead of what the words might make me think.

Nevertheless, i am glad i finished a book after ages! More in line, hopeful 🙂

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The recipe movie

I landed on this movie’s website and they have the recipe of all the dishes prepared throughout the movie as a part of their promotion!

Interesting i say 🙂

Also, in a thoughtless state, i find my once in a while association with a personality’s skin/outlook shifting from Sandra Bullock to Catherine Zeta Jones!