lesson learnt

by Kavita

Impulsive series of posts and may be not much to be jubilant about but i have to record few things:

– I have been worried a bit too much lately. Things have been bad, may be very bad but however hard i tried, i was not able to mentally free myself of the realization that ‘it was bad’ which lead me to frequent/inhibiting procrastination.

– The result of the above state — > Entangled mind –> All outlets blocked –> zero ideas

– My thoughts, words, sentences everything has become too complex.
(all my ads had hidden ideas, struggling to come on the surface but nothing to be happy and excited about!)

– I have even started murmuring before i type (this is purely due to lack of personal communication)

– Heck, this course looks more like a therapy stage than a career choice πŸ˜›

Life is messed up badly but i have to keep the top level a bit insulated to survive out of the shit!