by Kavita

As i was walking back home , I almost thought of dropping on the grass in the lawn and just watching the sky to sense the endlessness till i returned to my senses.. Whew!

Updates on people and all that gossip..

– Atleast two people were hospitalised and one of my family members was playing chauffer between hospital,home,another home,college and what not
– Dad/Mom both ailing in sudden sickness
– My sister was ran over by a spider 😀

And i have no time for anybody in this world…

Oh yeah..golu festival is here…for eye-treatments …

The other day, mom was so frustrated with making 4 vadais or a bowl of rava kesari to treat Mr/Miss/Mrs God that she finally decided she is giving them what she has everyday for her lunch…..In my 20 odd years of existence i have never seen her doing a ‘CHAPATI NEIVEDYAM!’ LOL!!