Bach Bash!

by Kavita

Third in the series and final one after a long time..

I wish i read more often..i wish i was an ardent reader…
sadly..i am not…

I believe i have a decent collection of books according to things i would want to know and would love to believe in…but most of them still smell of the newness and I EXPECT to read them someday…..

After a sudden sickness … i had to take an off..and i am not a bit sorry (heh! as if i mind bunking office ;)) ..  Wanted to read something that was short and still worthwhile….

1. Jonathan Livingston Seagull : My first and his most popular..Gifted by somebody and instructed to be read in one go… I still remember .. i wanted to read it and as funny as it may sound… i always find the loo the best place to get an untimely/imposed focus…

I grabbed the book and locked myself in the loo, while the plan was to just get on it and come out… I came out after 1 hr 15 mins after timely reminders by my ex-flat-mates…

My first book to be completely read in one of the weirdest manner!! :DD

I have read the book 3 times after that!(But the following reads were at better places;))

2. Illusions – Please follow the link

3. Bridge Across Forever

Romance is not something i pick up to read.. I have not read a single MnB , I remember having picked up one Daniel Steel that too after much pestering by one of  my college mates..and i had to close it midway!

We all have our own idea of romance and i had mine and call it pride or whatever , i felt no book was needed to add essence to it….

I remembered one of my friends’ talking about it and picked this book by accident yesterday and finished it in one go 🙂 … Beautiful but most of it was one big DEJA VU! 😐

But then i read this and was amused at the irony of life and its learnings……the writer’s own being the biggest example! 

Philosophy to some, is boring, some, an inspiration and for some a verbal representation of something they already know or believe in!

I just know that there are somethings which not only put an instant smile on your face but pump life within…today’s read was just the same!

What i find special about bach’s books are that they are multi-directed!…like this one, may be on a broader canvas,is about his courtship but there is much more to read,learn and admire in what he writes…..

Somewhere he said something about smoking :

‘You matter so little to me that I don’t care if
you can’t breathe. Die if you want, I’m lighting up!’ Not a
courteous habit, smoking. Not something to do around people
you like.”

Adds to my will 🙂

His page on wiki is something which captured few of the quotes i liked…

Even his humor in the conversations makes you giggle if you are actually involved! If i had to exaggerate and if you are willing enough his books mighty end up making you a pilot therotically (whatever that means)!

But but..the bestest thing about his books..THEY ARE SHORT AND I FINISH THEM!

Oh yeah..if you were wondering where i read this one….It was an e-book and i have not thought of giving my lappy special visits to some auspicious places till now 😉

I thougt i would have something to write about the PG Wodehouse i picked up two months back… but as the time suggests.. i dont think i am finshing it any day!