me dah funny mermaid

by Kavita

Getting Aquatic

Began swimming sessions this week…getting up at 5…driving down till the club..

and THEN I COMPETE WITH 4 YEAR OLDS… …who seem to be born  eels…

New Violin Instructor

I went to this place where some 20 odd children learn the violin….

Was stuck to the place for two hours listening to the tiny tots do wonders with the instrument…. i was embarrassed even thinking about how i play….

But wouldnt be learning here though…would search for a private instructor soon….

There was a mix of north indian kids and akka tam-brahms…..nd as time and again i smile at the fact that
‘the language of music goes beyong words’… i luvd watching d northies do it as well….

I remember once…my family doc wanted me to take his child to my music instructor (he is a north indian)….. me and my guru tried for a month but the attempt failed…cos the kid couldnt relate to anything we tried teaching….

i just wondered at that time…cos i very strongly felt that it was possible..but may b the kiddo couldnt relate to music as such..not sure though…

Some more changes to drop in soon….


1. DARNA BILKUL ZAROORI NAHI HAI!!pls to be not watching it…there are only two states of RGV :

either he has lost it or HE HAS DEFINITELY LOST IT!

2. And i am in love with this tune these days..blame it on innumerable hours in office cab which takes me on delhi-tour every morning!