by Kavita


One Long Island Ice tea + an over smart attempt to hit a night-out == 1.5 days of sick leave and a sicker weekend! 😦

Multiple trips to the doc…

a strange observation : every time i decide on a random doc, he/she turns out to be a child specialist..wonder what this means 🙂


Eternal Sunshine Of the Spotless mind == GOOOOOOD but not that great on the humour part .. only few points where laughter can be showered… not much of a sci-fi either .. a strange combination but something fresh to watch… the kirsten dunst twist was smart and imperative!

Bruce Almighty : Watched after giving up a period of jim-carrey-irritation i had bewstowed upon myself… had started finding his style of humour too loud splly Cable Guy…
This one was funny indeed!

My New Sport

Basket Ball : 15 baskets in 15 mins probably..aint bad! a sport to ward-off the dull moments when u r sick and a better factor would be.. it keeps me alive!

Sleep : AAAAAAAAAAAH…. may be i havent slept more before!!!

Work : eh? dint i say i was on sick leave!! :):):)