the city of dreams as i dream….

by Kavita


one of those rare times when i get to explore a place all on my own…

have been to this city numerous times before ..kinda know the essence
and flavour and am aware of what all to see…. but then it was a naive
non-city-ites expedition and a little take on why did i once decide to
be a part of this place someday…

the rustic feel , the belonging of every wall you see , the roots of
every tree so tightly bound to the land they grew in … its all


being a delhite… i know the 20 odd years i spent , i learnt to
survive in that city which kinda is rude to you but teaches you to
build yourself to face the air when it turns harsh…
but this place welcomes you and you kinda become a part of it from the very first moment….

mumbai has never made me feel alienated…..the warmth it carries lacks in saaaaddi dilli(ill still always love it!)

finding my way through…

mulund -> sidhivinayaktemple -> gateway -> nariman point -> chaupati ….

wandering in CST , walking in dadar .. trying to get the feel of the place….

the business in the stations marking the f1 life the people lead made a perfect weekend and a some stuff to sit and think about!

The sarcastic laugh i gave when this chariot guy demanded 250 bucks for a round around marine lines…. moments to take back! 

they say mumbai is the most populated city… witnessed in Juhu when
the number of people seemed to get voluminous than the water i could
see!!!! and talk about the bollywood hoopla the city thrives on…
band-stand and a life-long stand for some outside the celebrity hubs
was quite an amusement!

a weekend well spent and memories well-knit,  but a place not to
be seen but to be lived everyday is what i found amchi-tumchi mumbai to