The hair-cut

by Kavita

my violin teacher talks about this lady, who is kinda her friend but has had a hard life..

brought up in a rich family , married to another rich guy , had been always free with money… and then the hubby gives way to promiscuousity and leaves her with a baby girl for another women…

this lady is left to fend for herself and her kid..had heard such stories lots but came to witness a saga of survival yesterday

she today runs a beauty-parlour , does reiki ,feng-shui,accu-pressure ..sells readymade idli-dosa doughs…!!

had decided to get a hair-cut done from her…at any cost .. just to see what it feels to be revived..!

i was astonished at the first go..

she is young(too young) , has a grown-up daughter (must be 10 year-old), and is charming and jovial…
has a well kept house…! i was in owe.. felt like paying as much as she might want…wanted to reach out to her

i dont think i got the perfect hair-cut…but i guess she adorns the perfect look and i, a perfect feel today!!